Jessica McGrady originally born and raised in South London, is a graduate from BA (Hons) Fashion Atelier at the University of the creative Arts Rochester, and is currently a student at The Royal College of Art MA Womenswear.
Experience in Tailoring and Couture techniques that have alwaysbeen in a constant state of development in new and alternative ways.
'Activation through illustrative and subversive nature they present themselves to you a new language , unlabelled , veiled and purely instinctive.'
Within her work Jessica explores dramatic and new charateristics of fashion :  ' How can I create Clothing to be everything you and I don't expect it to be.' Is crucial to her relentless need to bring, new dynamics and a new and alternating discernment to Fashion. Jessica utilises the form of black in new and hyper-textualised ways in to explore subversive measures to form new silhouettes, from the lacklustre of shying away from the everyday.

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