Poet : Emma Carryl

Captured by Suzy Menkes @vogueuk

Wild Women
Why So Brutal?

Installation at The Royal College of Art, Why so Brutal ? Active installation the purest expression of poetry on walls. 1 hr 20/01/16

Screaming into a Glass Half Full

Short fashion Film, 2015
Art Direction : Namal Lanka

NON - Identity Painting experiment series 3

This was an experiment whereby i recorded myself blindfolded with music , so i was completely in my space i tried to detach myself from my personal illustrative style , using only the medium of black acrylic paint and my hands. In the end i became angry when i removed my blind fold, i immediately began to form a silhouette , this was not the point of the experiment , thus making it null and void which also proved to me how easy we are used to certain perception on identity or what we believe to take the form of an identity.

Pack Mentality of I


Subversive City

Maydew Underpass Bermondsey 2014
Words and poetry by MIchelle Tiwo